An artist’s precision

Illuminate your eyes with the Brow Master, Diane Ayala.

Delicately tweezed, tinted, defined and filled, the expert artfully shapes for a natural looking arch.

Frame your eyes with Brow Wow mineral brow filler for a soft appearance.

A polished canvas

Experience the perfection of specially blended creams and powders matched flawlessly to your skin. At Ayala Maquillage, Diane custom blends micronized mineral powders containing natural protectants to create a healthy, polished canvas that is barely there. With anti-inflammatory properties, up to SPF 24, free of chemicals, dye, fragrance and oils - pure and simple.


Named one of "Chicago's Best"
- Chicago Magazine

"Style Maker, Rule Breaker" award
- Fashion Group Foundation of Chicago

Recognized as Chicago's own
"Brow Master" - Today's Chicago Woman